Fundamentals of Protesting: Aim Small, Miss Small

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June 19, 2013
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As much as I encourage and applaud activism, I had to snicker when fewer than 100 people–mostly lefty media goons and crybaby denial cult sheep–recently showed up in the Land of Fedzilla to protest the five-million American families strong NRA and the self evident truth that God gave us and the U.S. Constitution guarantees all Americans the individual right to keep and bear arms.

If you are going to protest something, it would be a good idea to put forth at least a minimal amount of effort to make sure there is some evidence or data to support your beliefs. The consumption of massive amounts of mind altering chemical and drugs does not qualify as research. I think that’s where they went wrong.
If they honestly wish to reduce crime and save lives, clearly their target should not be the NRA but rather the politicians who have conned them into believing  that somehow the NRA families are to blame for the bloodshed in Chicago, at schools, in shopping malls and theaters. That’s beyond bizzarro.

Facts, logic and common sense still matter—-or at least they do to a large percentage of Americans.

Thugs and psychotic nutjobs will never abide by any new gun laws or restrictions.  Knowing this, how can anyone believe that banning a certain type of gun, magazine size or imposing universal background checks will make America safer?

America has 20,000 various local, state and national gun laws.  Does anyone with an ounce of common sense really believe that adding another law or restriction will make America safer?

Instead of pushing more freedom control measures on law-abiding gun owners, our gun-running Attorney General Eric Holder should aggressively prosecute those who violate existing federal gun laws, which he does a real bad job of.  Prosecution of federal gun crimes is down by 40 percent on President Obama’s watch.

Instead of banning guns, we should hold rallies to encourage more law-abiding Americans, especially those who live in our inner cities, to buy a gun and protect themselves from the criminal wolf packs who roam the streets.  The data is in and it is irrefutable:  more guns equal less crime.

Common sense and all data proves that the result of those who advocate banning guns is in fact yet more victims.  I have not seen any rallies for more victims except when I hear President Obama, VP “Say It Ain’t So” Joe Biden, Senator Feinstein, Piers Morgan, Jesse Jackson, Harry Belafonte, and Michael Moore et al advocate for banning guns.  It is their anti-freedom positions that create more victims, not the NRA.

The only thing worth banning that would truly make America safer would be gun-toting, scumthug wolf packs and known psychotic cranks who could stand in a sandstorm and not bat an eye.

The NRA has long championed locking up punks who commit crimes with guns for long periods of time.  It is the NRA, not Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago, who truly want to clean up the Windy City’s streets by putting the violent street rats in cages and tossing away the key.  Another good crime-control measure would be to vote out Mayor Emanuel at the first opportunity.

Taking guns away from law-abiding citizens is a liberal bong pipe dream that will actuall make America less safe.  It won’t make us safer by any stretch of wounded imagination and all smart Americans know it.

Only hippies, socialists and easily led stooges believe banning guns will make America safer.  Purple Haze was a song, not something by which to make policy.

The NRA is gearing up for our annual convention that will draw 70-80,000 freedom enthusiasts and American self-defense activists.

Know this:  NRA members do not shoot up theaters, schools or use guns to commit crimes.  We are the good guys.  Join us and support freedom while supporting measures that would actually make America safer.

If you want to protest something, the first thing you should do is to critically think about whom to protest.  Aim small, miss small. Join the NRA.


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