Common Media is Dead–Long Live Hunting TV!

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Thank God we had the late great Curt Gowdy on The American Sportsman on national network TV before the big lie of political correctness de-soulled and gagged those networks and much of society into the feeble displays of deceit and scam artists they are today.

Who could forget the legendary Fred Bear and Arthur Godfrey bowhunting elephants in Africa on Sunday afternoon for the whole world to see? Stalking and arrowing giant Alaskan Brown bears and celebrating honest to God real down to earth hands-on conservation and the perfection of sustain yield resource utility.

Most states across America were also blessed with genuinely good regional hunting shows like the amazing Paul Newsome in Oklahoma, Mort Neff in Michigan and many other greats.

It was a sad day in the late 1960s while visiting my hero Fred Bear at his small archery and bowhunting epicenter in Grayling Michigan that he lamented how the powers that be in control of television were forbidding the showing of killing animals anymore. Fred sadly acknowledged way back then that an evil and dishonest force was weaseling its way into the media and our society, and it didn’t bode well for the hunting lifestyle or nature itself.

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For many years hence forth, liars and stoned hippies somehow hijacked the media with their rude lies that their new sanitized, make believe nature didn’t include any blood or guts or death or the essence of nature’s real-world tooth, fang and claw beauty. If you smoke enough dope or are just short in the brain department, it is unavoidable that such brainwashing can overwhelm the truth in the minds of fools.

Before there was an Outdoor Channel, my beautiful wife Shemane and I decided to film and honestly document the honorable hunting lifestyle without the dopey make believe lie that lions lay down with lambs and papa bears don’t eat boo boo.

Good Lord how stupid do you have to be?

We created our Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild hunting celebration for public television to much resistance at first, but eventually won over even the Uber liberal loons by bringing in record pledge revenues to keep these honest nature shows alive. We aired on 26 states’ public networks and set income records on all 26 with unapologetic, raw, real world footage of respecting nature by killing, tracking, gutting, skinning, butchering and cooking wild game. HELLO!!

Once the great Outdoor Channel came to be, we immediately won top honors on that new network and 24 years later, we still set the bar for honest, raw, no BS hunting TV. We sincerely thank everyone for your never ending support. Together we have sent a powerful message to the media and the world that we will not be silenced and we are smart enough to know how God’s annual season of harvest works.

Today we have three killer fulltime hunting networks that produce worldclass hunting, fishing and trapping television; Outdoor Channel, The Sportsman’s Channel and The Pursuit Network.

Curt and Fred and Paul and Mort would be so very proud. Not only do many of these new producers create absolute killer hunting TV, but they actually produce some of the best overall TV regardless of genre or category.

Who doesn’t love watching Spirit of the Wild, Driven with Pat & Nicole, The Bone Collectors, Lee & Tiffany, all the Jim Shockey shows, Pigman-The Series, Fred and Michelle Eichler, allthings Primos and Mossy Oak, Tracks Across Africa, Africa’s Big Five, Dark and Dangerous with Ivan Carter, Craig Boddington, Trophy Hunter TV, Arrow Affliction, Whitetail Properties, The Wild Outdoors, Mathews TV, Dominant Bucks, North American Whitetail, RealTree RoadTrips, Fear No Evil, The Edge, Canada In The Rough, Western Extreme, Macmillan River Adventures, Choose Your Weapon, The Best Defense, TAC TV, Modern Rifle Adventures, Handguns, Impossible Shots, Gun Stories, American Rifleman, Brush Country Monsters, Tecomate Whitetails, and all the various hunting, fishing, trapping and shooting programs galore!

These are the good old days for hunting TV by far!

Many of the hosts of these shows are indeed the very best, real McCoy hunting masters the world has ever known, and Shemane and I enjoy, salute, thank and respect them very much. Surely in the world of politically correct insanity it is an absolute joy being a part of such honesty and masterfully produced programs promoting the outdoor lifestyle that we all so cherish.

There are still a few households out there that don’t get these satellite or cable programs, and all I can tell you is that you are missing out on the best damn television the world has ever known. I admit too that most things on TV are embarrassing and outfight ridiculous, but many of these outdoor programs will genuinely entertain, educate, inspire and motivate to recruit more sporters and all the environmental and economic benefits that represent all the important win-wins for conservation on many different levels.

Spread the goodword, and enjoy the increasing visibility of real nature, not only because it is all good, but just as important, it further exposes the subhuman scam of anti-hunters, anti-gunners, animal rights freaks and the entire subculture of denial that is at the core of America’s decline. Let’s go huntin’ baby!


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