Redfish are on the move

The birds are working
October 23, 2014
Redfish moving with the tides in Matagorda West Bay
October 26, 2014


Good redfish action is reported in Dickinson, Burnett, and Scott Bays located in the north end of Galveston Trinity Bay. Galveston East Bay is also producing good catches of redfish along the  north shoreline. “It’s unusually good in Dickinson,” says Capt. Paul Marcaccio, ([email protected],

The key to finding the fish in Dickinson is to find a combination of shell and mud bottoms. In Burnett, Scott’s and East Bay, the fish are up tight in the grass along the shoreline.

Don’t forget to take your topwaters with you. “The topwater bite has been good all day, no matter whether it’s direct sunlight, overcast, early morning or late evening. If you stay with a topwater all day I’ll bet you can catch a half-dozen fish without any problem.”

Pink is the hot color in the topwater baits. “Skitter Walks and Baby Spooks with a pink top and bottom and silver sides are what I have been catching the fish with,” says Marcaccio. Maybe they know October is Beast Cancer Awareness month and are showing their support.

“To me catching one or two fish on a topwater is much better than a half-a-dozen underneath.”

Soft plastics in Morning Glory, plum, and pearl/chartreuse colors have also taken their share of fish.

On the soft plastics, does it matter whether the bait is a paddle tail or straight tail?

“I don’t think it matters,” replied Marcaccio. It’s a matter of personal preference. To me it’s color and presentation more than anything else.”


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