FN Tactical Crazy Flexible Magwell Update [VIDEO]

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September 23, 2015
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While I was out shooting this summer I noticed that my FNX Tactical had some crazy flex in the magwell.  It was so unbelievable I took a short video with it on my phone and was later accused of using an airsoft gun or computer generated graphics:

Needless to say this was concerning.  And while I’d rather polymer flex than be brittle the deformation wouldn’t allow empty magazines to drop free.

It also bears mentioning that the pistol flexed just as much after being stored inside an air conditioned home for a week.  So heat wasn’t a cause, it was only when I noticed it.

I had tried contacting FNH by email so I could attach photos but those might not have reached them.  However I did end up speaking with them and they wanted to check the pistol out.  FNH informed me that their firearms are tested from -40 to 140 degrees so again, heat shouldn’t have been an issue.

They ended up keeping my pistol for further review and sent me a new one.  The only diagnosis they gave me was maybe I made it that flexible by playing with it.  I don’t exactly buy that one.

The owner of Evan’s Brothers Guns informed me he used to work with plastics and polymers and if  too much dye is in a mix it can become more pliable.  This sounds more reasonable to me.  Perhaps it was just a bad batch.  However, FNH sent me a new one and while it has a little flex it’s not near as bad as my previous pistol.

Now I’m back to silently whacking steel at 100 yards.

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