Shimano Stradic C3000HG: YOWZA!!

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shimano stradic

The new Shimano Stradic C3000HG.

When Shimano announced that they were coming out with a new Stradic line, I was a bit apprehensive. My favorite reel for casting and jigging is a Stradic 3000, and honestly, I didn’t want them to change a thing. Then Shimano sent me the new version to try out—a C3000HG. Wow. Oh, wow…

shimano stradic

The new Shimano Stradic C3000HG.

From the moment you turn the handle, you know Shimano improved a reel that seemed, well, darn near perfect. For starters, it’s buttery smooth. Sling the handle around and let go, and the reel just keeps spinning and spinning. Then try out the drag. Again the word “buttery” is what jumps to mind. While you’re fondling this spinner of joy you may suddenly ask yourself, as I did, how the reel’s so darn light. The C3000HG is a mid-sized reel (it holds 170 yards of eight pound mono, or 200 yards of 10 pound Power Pro) but it tips the scales at a mere 8.3 ounces. The answer? Perks like a Hagane body and (cold forged) drive gear, a cold-forged aluminum spool, and Shimano’s weight-minimizing SR design.

Other major features incorporated into the new Stradic include the Super Stopper II (a one-way roller bearing that eliminates back-play in the anti-reverse system); Power Roller II (a twist-reduction system); X-Ship (pinion gear on both ends); S A-RB bearings (shielded on both sides to prevent grit or salt intrusion); and Aero Wrap II (a two-speed oscillation system that layers line on the spool in a criss-cross pattern). The 6.0:1 gear ratio nets you 35″ of line per crank, and the drag system can put out a whopping 20 pounds. Yes, 20. It shouldn’t be too surprising that the Stradic won a “Best New Reel” award at the ICAST fishing tackle show this summer.

Now, ready for another very surprising feature? The C3000HG goes for about $200. That’s the same price range as the old Stradics, and I’m not sure there’s a better deal on a spinning reel out there today. But don’t take my word for it (I know you won’t anyway!) Go to the store, pick one of these up, and find out for yourself—you won’t regret it.



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