Bowers 458 Vers Full Auto Suppressor Review

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July 8, 2016
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458 SOCOM Setup

Suppressors show the most impressive results when shooting subsonic ammo.  And when shooting a slower round, you will achieve the most power by firing a heavier bullet.  Therefore bore size is important when wanting to shoot larger rounds and with the Bowers Vers 458 suppressor you can easily fire a 500 grain at 1,025 fps with 1,166 foot pounds of energy nearly as quiet as a .22 rifle.  In fact, the Bowers Vers 458 silencer can handle anything .460″ below 2,650 FPS in full auto!

Bowers Ammo

Bowers Vers 458 Suppressor and Detroit Subsonic Ammo

Bowers’ focus is suppressing submachine guns so you know these cans will extremely durable.  The 458 Vers is warrantied for any length barrel and since it has such a large bore size you can use it on many of your larger caliber safari type calibers just as long as they are under the 2,650 FPS limit.  Another neat perk you get by dealing with Bowers Group is they will repair, rebuild or clean your Bowers suppressor for just $20 in a few days.  Hate cleaning that .22 suppressor?  Just send it in every couple thousand rounds and let them worry about it.  I have to say I’m pretty tempted to take advantage of this offer myself.

Mounting won’t be a problem since they offer 27 different thread pitch inserts for the Vers cans.  These inserts are more of a threaded front cap that give a factory finish to your suppressor no matter how you mount it.

Bowers Versadapt Mount

Bowers Versadapt Mount

For testing I had a .458 SOCOM upper and a registered pre-86 M16 lower to even be able to test the Bowers Vers 458 can in full auto mode.  At first I tried some Strike Force 500 grain rounds that were labeled “subsonic” however at first shot I knew that wasn’t true.  And sure enough, they were traveling nearly 1,300 FPS.  But then I was able to get some truly subsonic rounds from Detroit ammo that quieted things down quite a bit.  I shot the Vers 458 side by side with my .300 Blackout subsonic setup with my Silencer Co Saker and the Bowers sounded nearly as quiet, just a little more airy than the Blackout.  In fact a buddy of mine heard me at the range from about 150 yards away and had to come and investigate because he though someone was using a “nail gun” with a very “unique” sound.

458 SOCOM Setup

458 SOCOM Setup

As for accuracy, just watch the final part of the video where I nailed a golf ball at 50 yards when I could barely see it when using the Aimpoint T2.

The Bowers Vers runs about $800.  Click here find a dealer in your area via Silencer Shop.


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