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March 15, 2017
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March 23, 2017

A while back I was surfing Youtube as I often do looking at Blacksmithing and survivalist videos I ran across a hidden treasure.

There are literally thousands of self reliance and survivalist videos on the internet.  Most of which are silly and filled with outright dangerous practices and advice.  Even those not dangerous are at best silly. Well I happened upon a young guy one day named Bob Hansler.  Now Bob was a horse of a different color.  He had skills and a great mannerism about himself that was infectious.  I couldn’t stop watching this young man.  I started up a correspondence with him and we fast became friends.

His videos were full of such wonderful information as in how to build perch and crawfish traps to catching snakes and reptiles to building emergency cooking and camping equipment.  The plethora of information coming from what looked like a kid was amazing and totally accurate.  This clearly was a guy after my own heart and one I could get behind. 

As time went on our friendship flourished and plans were made to get together for some adventures.  That was all shattered with a phone call.  Bob was diagnosed with a severe eye condition and in a matter of weeks lost all sight in his eyes. This would have put most men on their butt and it did give a serious blow to Bob’s entire outlook and plans.  Being the man I knew him to be Bob soon gathered his strength and with his wife and faithful dog by his side he said  I got this.  With that his long arduous journey began.  Many long trips back and forth to specialists and surgical centers. Many long hours in total darkness and in pain ensued. Surgery after surgery would have taken its toll on a lesser man and I guess it has to a certain extent on Bob. My dear friend has battled and never given up. He and his wife have continued during all of this to make a few videos and updates on his condition. All while he has no vision other than a small amount of light in one eye. All while the Dr says he can only be outside a minimal amount of time.

I look so forward to the calls from Bob.  Usually about once a week when he isn’t in the hospital or recovering from some procedure I get a call from my friend.  The Dr. is optimistic and so am I.  With each procedure a small amount of progress is made and I hold out faith that at least vision in one eye will return but if for some reason it doesn’t then I guess we will have to do our adventure with a bit more of a challenge.  It doesn’t matter, we will cross that bridge when it comes.

Y’all slide on over to my buddy’s Youtube channel and check him out. I promise you will not be disappointed. Bob Hansler has some of the best bushcraft videos around and be sure to drop him a comment so he knows how much everyone is pulling for him.  BTW his wife reads every message and comment that comes his way to him.  Bob has a Facebook page as well so go check him out and pass on some words of encouragement.

Story by Jeff Strwart


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