Rockport’s Tackle Town survives-loses “T”

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August 28, 2017
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August 28, 2017

At the moment its officially “Ackle Town” after losing a T to category 4 hurricane force winds.

But Rockport’s popular Tackle Town survived Hurricane Harvey in spite of early rumors it was among the casualties in the fishing community of 1o,000. The following is from the official Tackle Town Facebook.

Prayers go out to all of our Rockport family and to all of our Tackletown family from all over the United States. These next few weeks, months and years will show how strong our great city is. We look forward to helping restore this great community. Special thanks to Larry Hoffman for building the iron horse that is Tackletown. We live to see another day.

We’re sure the “T” will be replaced but that’s not the priority now as recovery for the community will take many months and possibly longer. We at Texas Fish & Game are glad to see a local Texas tackle store standing.

TF&G Staff

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