Teeny Tiny Bitty 2.8″ Silencer by Bowers Group

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May 14, 2018
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May 16, 2018
Bowers Bitty Suppressors

Bowers Bitty Suppressors

The suppressor industry seems to be having a race to see who can make the smallest and lightest suppressors, and I recently had the opportunity to give the newly released Bowers Group Bitty suppressor a test run

How Tiny is the Bitty? Well, it still has plenty of room inside a CCI 50 round box of .22LR

I’ve had a good bit of experience with the Bowers USS22 suppressor and found it to be extremely quiet and durable.  But the downside to an extremely durable (relentless belt fed full auto durability) suppressor is they can be a bit heavy and large.  But the Bowers Bitty is only 2.8″ long and weighs in a 2.6 ounces.  Yet, even for the small package, it’s still crazy strong.  Not only is it full auto rated but it will handle 22LR, 22Mag, 22 Hornet, 17HMR, 17WSM, and 5.7FN.  It does all this as a dry suppressor, no wipes, no wet, just fire.

Now of course there will be a trade off and it’s not as quiet as the USS22 suppressor is on a pistol.  However – on a longer barrel rifle such as the Henry Frontiers I couldn’t tell a difference between the Bitty and the full sized USS22 suppressor side by side.  In fact you can see the surprise on my face in the above video.


Bowers Bitty Parts

The Bowers Bitty is user serviceable just like the full size USS22. Only with 3 baffles to clean.

On a 16″ barrel I could tell the difference between it and a USS, since it was louder louder with a sharper tone in report.

On a .22LR pistol it was definitely louder, yet it was well below the hearing safe (140db).  In short configuration it’s not going to be one you show off to your friends as a “quiet” suppressor on a pistol or to keep from waking up the kids as you plink at your range from your bedroom window (no I haven’t done this…). But it will make a compact hearing safe package for target shooting.

The Bowers Bitty on a Volquartsen Scorpion .22LR Pistol

The Bowers Bitty on a Volquartsen Scorpion .22LR Pistol

In the end, I loved it on my longer rifles.  Since I have other options I’ll probabaly keep a full sized USS22 on my handguns.  However my son fell in love with it on the pistols due to the easy handling and it having less leverage against him on the end of a barrel.

And just like every other Bowers can they have a non-nonsense warranty service and excellent customer support.  Even though the Bowers Bitty is user serviceable, if you decide you don’t want to clean it and eventually foul it up after several thousand rounds they will rebuild it for you for just around $25.  Amazing folks.  The Bitty is available directly through them at the moment for an introductory price of $300.


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