Podcast: Tactical Shooting, Self-Defense and Firearms Fun with Guest Dustin Ellermann

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April 17, 2019
April 26, 2019
fishing podcast

On this episode you get TWO DUSTIN’s for the price of one! Dustin Ellermann joins Dustin Warncke again for an interview on getting started in tactical training and self-defense, shooting fun, marksman camp and so much more!

Dustin Ellermann was the winner of the History Channel’s hit TV show TOP SHOT Season 3 and Ellermann has a huge YouTube and social media following. Dustin also serves as a columnist and contributing editor for Texas Fish & Game Magazine and contributor to the FishGame.com blog and weekly eNewseltters.  Dustin E. and Dustin W. talk about best practices for shooting success and how proper training can save one’s life when it matters the most in a self-defense situation.

Connect with the Two Dustins:
Ellermann – Instagram and Twitter Handle @TopShotDustin


Warncke – Instagram and Twitter Handle @DustinsProjects

Mentioned in Show:

Mantis Dry Fire and Live Fire Training System: https://mantisx.com

Marksman Camp Information and Gear: www.marksmancamp.com

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