Trust Your ‘Ballistic Bridge’ To Nosler Ballistic Tip

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October 17, 2019
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October 18, 2019

Think about the number of hours that goes into the preparation of a whitetail hunt. Researching sections, buying tags, preparing food plots, scouting for rubs, tending game cameras… it’s a year-round job. But all this work is offset by the enjoyment of the fresh, organic venison that fills the freezer and keeps the family fed. Not to mention the memories with family and the stories that will be told for decades after the hunt.Pre-hunt preparation and post-hunt enjoyment, every hunt is built from these two separate and quite distinct periods and one of them involves ballistic considerations.

What links these two sides of the same coin? What denotes that split second when one phase passes into another? What is that “ballistic bridge?”

It’s the bullet.

Once that trigger is pressed and the shot breaks, all the pre-hunt preparation is over. It’s out of the hunter’s hands and success or failure is determined by how well-prepared and planned the hunt was ahead of time. The most successful hunters don’t leave this moment to chance – they choose a premium hunting bullet from a cartridge company that understands accuracy and reliability and the importance of those in hunting.

For this whitetail hunter, that choice is Ballistic Tip from Nosler.

Known around the world for their superior reliability and consistency, Nosler matches high-performance powders to each caliber and bullet weight. This attention to detail ensures the highest level of velocity and pinpoint accuracy, both of which contribute to a successful hunt.

But if we drill down to the core of what the ballistic bridge is made of, we need to focus on the bullet itself. This is the one choice we make as hunters that has a direct, physical impact on our prey (literally as well as figuratively). The best rifle, optics, camouflage and calls are meaningless with a bullet that fails to perform.

Here, the is where Ballistic Tip bullet really shines.

Almost three decades of research and refinement have gone into the Ballistic Tip bullet. The pioneer of polymer-tipped ammunition, Nosler’s color-coded tips serve several key functions. They streamline the bullet, improving ballistic coefficients, which is a measurement of how aerodynamic it is. They also protect the tip from accuracy-robbing deformation in the magazine. Lastly, but possibly most importantly, they start the expansion of the Ballistic Tip bullet upon impact, creating a beautifully mushroomed bullet with high weight retention.

All of this allows the bullet to transfer almost 100 percent of its energy into the target. This energy, which we call terminal ballistics, is the result of a high-velocity journey that physically began at the muzzle of your rifle, but was several months in the making.

In a way, it’s an act of faith. You have to believe that the little lead and copper pill you’ve sent on a 2,000+ feet-per-second journey will arrive on time, on target and then perform as advertised. I simply don’t trust the “on-sale” ammo with the rebate attached with all the hours of work I’ve put in.

I’ve worked my tail off to put myself into the position to harvest a whitetail, and I don’t want it all to be wasted. I trust Nosler Ballistic Tip ammunition to quickly and effectively put meat in my freezer.




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