5 Ways to Prepare For Active Shooter

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November 23, 2019

When it comes to active shooter situations, there are many, many moving parts.  Whether from trained operators or regular citizens who are carrying a legal firearm, there is a long list of topics to address regarding this matter.  

People interviewed in after actions of active shooter events have made statements that they should have been better prepared and more aware of what to do rather than scream and freeze.  

Here is a few ways to better prepare yourself for an active shooter incident. 

  • Likely Targets– Yes, active shooter attacks can happen anywhere & anytime.  BUT, according to a 2018 study on A.S’s 70 percent were in places of business, 15 percent percent in open areas, 11 percent at schools or learning institutions and four percent at places of worship.  Take a look at where you are and know that this could be the site and know how to get out if bullets start flying. If you were the attacker, think about places that you would strike and why. 
  • Plan Internal-When you are out and about, have a set of internal contingency plans to resort to.  Where are the exits? Am I armed? What is the closest cover & concealment? You will have to make several critical decisions in a split second that could save your life or the lives of others. 
  • Always Carry if Possible-It is rather simple. If you can legally carry at your location you should.  Always. You won’t get to pick the time or place where an active shooter situation takes place.  All you can do is be as prepared as possible with your weapon system. If you have trained your mind and body to respond, you could stop the shooter and thus save dozens of lives.  
  • Be Aware At Gun Free Zones-Let’s face it, gun free zones are only going to be adhered to by law abiding citizens, not the shooter who is hell bent on mass carnage. These areas are places that a shooter knows he will probably not encounter an armed resistance.  So, these are places and events you need to be concerned and very situationally aware while you are attending.  
  • Don’t get overwhelmed-We have a saying “you can’t eat an elephant in one bite”.  It is not Hollywood and you will not be able to quell the whole situation single handedly.  Don’t feel as though you have to call 911, stop the shooter, calm the crowd, triage the injured and the list goes on.  Keep calm and take it one bite at a time.  

It is sad when we live in a time that active shooter cases are becoming more commonplace.  Take a good look at these tips and examine yourself to become better prepared. 

Fortuna Paratus Remunerat (Fortune Favors the Prepared.)

Shane Smith

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