Many of the largest specimens of speckled trout, largemouth bass and recently redfish caught on topwaters exhibit no blowup. They just suck the lure right under.

I have caught really nice specks using plugs like the Skitter Walk and the only reason I knew a fish hit was due to the lure disappearing and hearing a “slurp” sound.

Recently I caught a 40 inch red on a six-inch Sebile Splasher that simply sucked it under. In fact, I thought the plug snagged one of the mullet that was jumping out of the water where the big bull was striking. The plug went under and I felt weight. Upon hookset, however, it was obvious the perpetrator was a massive red.

Because I am aware of the propensity of really big fish to simply suck under a plug, I set the hook and played the fish accordingly.

As exciting as massive blowups are keep in mind many of the biggest, baddest specks, bass and redfish simply take a lure under with a gulp. If your plug suddenly dissapears, give it a couple of seconds and set the hook.

There is a good chance when you do, your rod will double and adrenaline will fill your veins.

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This six-inch Sebile Splasher was engulfed by the massive redfish with no splash of any kind.
(Photo by Chester Moore, Jr.)