Want big mackerel? Try the fluttering spoon

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June 20, 2011
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June 20, 2011

While conducting tests for my F.L.E.X. Fishing (TM) system, last summer I came across a method that is killer for catching BIG Spanish mackerel.

It’s called the “fluttering spoon”.

When using spoons around jetties and rigs, most anglers throw, let it sink a few feet and reel. That works great for catching numbers of fish but if I am going to catch mackerel, I prefer big ones that pull really hard.

I started throwing out my preferred mackerel spoons, a Mepp’s Saltwater Syclops, and letting it sink about five seconds. Then I raise the rod tip, let it sink some more, reel a few feet and repeat the process.

On our trips to the Sabine Jetties last summer, I caught the biggest mackerel on just about every trip and always had more large fish than everyone else.

Big fish are different than smaller ones of the same species and many times to catch them we have to adjust our strategies.

If you like catching big mackerel, try the fluttering spoon technique. You will not be disappointed.

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The author caught this big Spanish mackerel on a Mepp’s Saltwater Syclops spoons using the “fluttering spoon” technique.
(Photo by ChaChee Sullivan)


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