Catfish really bite on rainy days

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July 5, 2011
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August 2, 2011

We haven’t had much here where I live in Southeast Texas lately but a couple of weeks ago we had two days of solid rain.

Once I saw the ditch across the street filling up I knew it was time to hit the bayou down the road and soak some chicken liver for some catfish. Savvy anglers know catfish feed in an almost frenzy-like state in the rain and throughout my life I have found this to be almost like a law of nature. It as reliable as gravity.

Look for areas where you have a lot of run-off into a creek or bayou. The added nutrients from the flow stimulate the senses of catfish and get them super hungry. Lots of bait works but I have found two to be the best: chicken liver and dead shrimp. Set some lines out under floats and a couple on the bottom. I have always found it best to put as many lines out as possible to create a mini trotline effect. Of course I do this in virtually any kind of fishing but with catfish it seems to fit.

I do most of my catfish hunting from the bank and try to find areas on the bayou where you have a nice curve that breaks the flow of water. This usually creates an eddie and without exception these spots tend to produce the most bites.

By Chester Moore, Jr.

The author with the biggest channel catfish he has caught on rod and reel in Southeast Texas. It was caught during a period of rain a couple of weeks ago using principles from his F.L.E.X. Fishing (R) system.
















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