Sharks on topwaters! (video)

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August 23, 2011
The 1/3 rule of jetties
August 30, 2011

Catching any fish on topwaters is fun, but catching sharks on the surface? It’s freakin’ awesome!

This short clip shows a huge school of small blacktip sharks behind our boat at the Sabine Jetties. I’ve seen this happen before and had limited topwater success but this time we cheated a bit. Simply tip the back hook of your topwater with a small piece of shrimp or cut mullet. They hammer it!

This blog is entitled Real World Angling and the theme is to show things you can to do enjoy your time outdoors. And from this vantage point teaching you how to draw surface strikes from acrobatic, aggressive sharks is about as helpful a thing as we can do. That is for those of you addict to the “blow up”.

Trout are great on topwaters but check out what these sharks do. Enjoy!

Chester Moore


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