Catch Spanish Mackerel!

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April 2, 2012
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April 9, 2012

The Spanish mackerel have arrived at the jetty systems along the Texas coast.

Last week my father and I had an amazing trip catching many mackerel on the Texas and Louisiana side of the Sabine Jetties.

Contrary to popular opinion they are great to eat, especially when pan friend the day you catch them.

The trick for us was using a Mepps Syclops spoon and letting it sink about five feet, pull, let it sink and then pull. They would maul it!

The problem was the mackerel eventually cut through all of our steel leaders (seriously) and we lost our Mepps spoons. We had a couple of big old spoons that are no longer available called a Spoondog and caught a few on them as well.

The odd-shaped Mepps spoon however was the ticket.

Cast, sink, pull.

That’s the ticket.

Chester Moore


The Mepp's Saltwater Syclops spoon was the ticket to dozens of Spanish mackerel.










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