Tuesday Tip: Coldwater Mega Specks

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February 8, 2013
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February 13, 2013

During the winter period lots of anglers wadefish for big trout on mud flats adjacent to the Intracoastal Canal. On warm afternoons big trout move up to feed over the mud, which retains heat and is a few degrees warmer than surrounding areas. The typical strategy involves using slow-sinking lures like the Mirrolure Catch 2000 or B&L Corky. Trout have very slow metabolism this time of year and the super slow sinking of these lures appeals to that.

Anglers trying this method for the first time should be warned that even huge trout sometimes barely hit during winter. If you feel something taking the slack out of your line or a soft “tick”, then start reeling in your slack and set the hook when you feel pressure. Sometimes it’s nothing but quite often it is a big speckled trout you would have otherwise missed.

What are your favorite methods for cold weather trout?

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