Spiritual Cancers: Political Correctness and Apathy

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May 2, 2013
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President Lincoln once remarked that, “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

While America faces a dangerous tsunami of crushing and accelerating debt that at its current pace will most assuredly destroy or at least radically alter our republic, equally threatening are the puss-filled, toxic twins of political correctness and apathy.

Political correctness is the self-inflicted noose of denial.  Apathy is pulling the lever.  It is America that will fall through the trap door and do the twisting, dangling dance of death.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than swinging my trusty crowbars of truth and logic against upside the vacuous heads of political correctness and apathy.  Regrettably, it is a target rich environment.

Enough with the word games.  Anyone who sets off a bomb with the intent to kill or maim is a rabid dog terrorist.

When individuals do this in the name of their so called religion, we need to call out that so called religion.  In the case of the Boston Massacre bombers, we know the older punk terrorist had turned into a radical jihadist.

Islam guided the older brother to develop a typical, deep dark hatred of America and all ”infidels” just as Islam guided the same braindead, soulless terrorist punks to fly the planes into the World Trade Center and the Major punk at Fort Hood to kill and wound dozens of brave warriors, which our government has lied as ”work place violence.”

We must honestly admit that there is something consistently evil about Islam that is anything but peaceful.  It is a cult/gang/religion that turns many people into willing, radical, rabid, killing machines.

Islam is just as much a political movement as it is a religion.  Much like the Russian commies from decades ago, Islam’s goal is to take over the world and impose its stone-age political/religious rabid dogma that is diametrically opposed to peace, goodwill, decency and freedom.

Islam seeks overt control over people and government.  Heads will literally roll with Islam running the world. They seem to get a kick out of decapitation. Such a peaceful way to go.

Amazingly, American leftists are the ones who are exceedingly hesitant to call a spade a spade as it pertains to Islam when it is Islam that treats women as second class citizens and paints a bulls-eye on homosexuals.

Fortunately, some leftists are waking up and smelling the conservative coffee including my sometimes friend, comedian Bill Maher who has recently been very vocal against Islam. Good for Bill for speaking the truth. A welcome departure.

Just like political correctness, apathy is a deadly cancer in America.

Too few Americans vote, communicate with their elected officials, attend hometown meetings, or pay any attention to what’s going on.  Raising we the people hell has been replaced with a giant collective yawn and a giant, flat-screen television.

Too few Americans can’t even name their congressman or senators, don’t know their alderman or mayor or governor, don’t belong to groups and organizations who support their beliefs, and have never been to a school board meeting or attended their son’s or daughter’s parent teacher conference.

As a nation, we are too fat, dumb and dopey.  Dumb and Dumber was supposed to be a comedy, not a documentary.

The perfect storm to destroy America from within is the cancerous marriage of political correctness and apathy.  If we had any real leadership on either side of the political aisle, we would launch a full on assault against these suicidal courses.

Unless you are one of the horrible lazy bloodsuckers demanding more hand-outs, my advice is to get involved and speak your mind like me and Bill Maher.  It is a target rich environment for spotlighting cockroaches.

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