Fed Up With New York, AR15.com Moving to Texas

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December 11, 2013
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A local business says they moved out of the area because of the New York Safe Act. AR15.com was based out of Farmington and its owners said they were in the middle of building a retail store and firing range, but they claim the passage of the SAFE Act changed their plans.

AR15.com manufactures AR-15s, guns that can no longer be sold in our state because of the NY SAFE Act. The grand opening the company planned at their Farmington location turned into a going away party this spring. 

AR15.com was in the middle of renovating and building a retail store and firing range on Route 96 in Farmington when the Safe Act was passed in January. The 30,000 square feet of space now sits empty on 16 acres of land. Owner Edward Avila said the NY Safe Act would have kept them from selling their products to their New York customers, specifically the AR-15s they manufacture.

So they chose to move their eight employees and families to Texas, a state they believe they will be able to do business in for the long term. “We filed a lawsuit [against the NY Safe Act] along with the NYS Rifle and Pistol Association and other partners, and we decided to take our tax dollars out of the state,” said Avila. “That’s the most we could possibly do to show our disappointment and disagreement with the way the politics are going in that state regarding the Safe Act.”

The company has not built a retail store in Texas because, according to Avila, they have millions of dollars tied up in the buildings and land they left in Farmington. One woman who tells us she lives in Farmington said, “It’s been barely a year since the tragedy in Sandy Hook, we have three young kids & we support the SAFE Act. Ontario County doesn’t need to have an assault rifle manufacturer/seller in our town. We’d welcome a variety of other businesses in that location.”

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