Hunter’s Shotgun Slug Strikes Nantucket Home

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December 8, 2013
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December 8, 2013

When Cam Dutton came home from work Wednesday, she discovered a bullet hole the size of a saucer through her second-story kitchen window on Barrett Farm Road, and later found the shotgun slug lodged in the ceiling of her hallway three rooms away from the window.

There are only a handful of houses on Barrett Farm Road, including Dutton’s, and the land surrounding her house is often used by hunters. 

But even with a hunting club regularly renting land at the end of Barrett Farm Road, Dutton said she’s never been worried about being shot, since she knows most of the hunters are responsible and keep 500 feet away from houses as required by law.

“Now the gun club people tend to be responsible but there are other cowboys walking around shooting. Now I’m not against hunting, my father was a hunter, but someone was too close to my house . . . The environmental police spent a lot of time trying to figure out the trajectory and figuring out how it could have gotten that high, unless they were trying to shoot Santa’s reindeer. I just would like to see more responsible hunting and see the more experienced hunters policing some of these cowboys that are out back,” Dutton said.

The environmental police told Dutton her house was the first to be hit by a stray bullet this year, although such incidents are not uncommon, she said. Last year, a bullet went through someone’s dining room window while they were home, and sooner or later someone will get hurt, Dutton said.

Shotgun deer-hunting season began Monday and runs through Dec. 14. Hunting on Nantucket is permitted a half-hour before sunrise through a half-hour after sunset and is prohibited on Sundays. Hunters must maintain a distance of 500 feet from occupied buildings and at least 150 feet from paved roads and bike paths, and obtain permission from the property owner before hunting on posted land.

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Source: Cape Cod Times

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