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January 9, 2014
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January 9, 2014

The following are notes collected from Texas Parks & Wildlife Department game wardens.

  • Game Warden in the Spotlight
    A Palo Pinto County game warden had just gotten into position to watch an oat field when a vehicle stopped in front of him. The truck’s lights were turned off and a passenger got out, reached for a rifle from the bed of the truck and began shining the field with a green light. The man then returned to the truck and continued down the road. The warden saw them shine their light on several fields before turning into a gate. After stopping the vehicle at the gate, the warden found a loaded rifle in the front passenger’s lap. Another Palo Pinto County game warden arrived on the scene to assist and found that the back seat passenger was underage and drinking beer. The wardens also found a small amount of marijuana in the center console. Multiple charges are pending.
  • Blood Trail Leads to Trespassers 
    A Titus County game warden responded to a trespass call in Red River County when a landowner’s wife discovered a blood trail on her property with ATV tracks running beside it. The warden visited the adjacent hunting camp and discovered a fresh-killed and tagged white-tailed doe. Two individuals were identified and admitted shooting the deer on their neighbor’s ranch without consent. Citations were issued for possessing a white-tailed antlerless deer without a permit and criminal trespass. Cases pending.
  • Is the Grass Greener on the Other Side?
    A Red River County game warden was patrolling for night hunting activity when a truck began spotlighting the barn the warden was sitting in. When the warden stopped the vehicle, the driver frantically tried to hide the ammunition from the .22 rifle he had stuffed beside his seat. The subject ended up sitting on the gun’s magazine, which was found when the warden had him exit the vehicle. The rifle still had a round in its chamber. The suspects came from Oklahoma and said they crossed the river to see what they could find. Cases were filed for hunting from a public road and for no hunting license. Cases pending.
  • Slip of the Tongue
    A Real County game warden was talking to a hunter in a store parking lot about a nice buck in the bed of the hunter’s pickup truck when the hunter admitted that his buddy shot it, but he put his tag on it. The hunter, realizing what he just told the game warden said, “I guess I’m in trouble now.” Cases pending.
  • A Deer Has More Meat Than Its Backstrap
    A Zavala County game warden received information about two white-tailed deer that were dumped on the side of the road without backstraps.  The warden searched nearby residences and found fresh blood that seemed to be washed out of the bed of a pickup truck. In a hidden ice chest, four backstraps were found under ice.  After a lengthy wait, two Arkansas women, who are currently working in the oil field, admitted to taking the two deer at night and dumping the carcasses on the road.
  • Sea Turtle Given a Second Chance
    Three Aransas County game wardens were in an airboat checking duck hunters, when they saw a green sea turtle struggling in the water. The turtle was rescued from the cold and shallow waters and relocated to deep water in Aransas Bay.
  • Source: Texas Parks & Wildlife Department


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