Matt Williams: Best outdoors stories of 2013

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January 5, 2014
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January 6, 2014

I don’t know about you, but 2013 is one year that I am happy to see rolling to a close. Cancer took a couple of my dearest friends over the last 12 months, two others passed away in their sleep from heart failure and another has gone under the knife for open heart surgery twice since last summer.

Take away all of that junk and it has been a pretty decent year. I’m thankful I’ve got this job to keep my mind pre-occupied through such trying times. It provides a good place to vent. Plus, keeps me abreast of news and other issues that hook and bullet crowds who share my passions are sure to find of interest.

The was certainly no shortage of newsworthy topics to come across across the outdoors desk in 2013. Some took some digging to get to, while others fell right in my lap.

Here’s a glance back at some of the top outdoors stories from 2013:

Dream season 2013

If there has ever been a deer season that ran short on big buck fodder in eastern Texas, 2013 was not it. We’re coming off a season that was a huge story within itself.

In nearly three decades of covering the outdoors in these parts I cannot recall a single deer season that produced the big numbers of top end whitetails that this one did.

Whopper bucks were in the news just about every week following the Sept. 28 bow season opener through the Thanksgiving holidays. I’m not talking about 18-inch, eight pointers, either.

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Source: Athens Daily Review

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