Woman gored by red stag

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January 1, 2014
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January 1, 2014

A Cambridge academic who was gored by a huge stag in Scotland is now in a “serious but stable condition”.

Dr Kate Stone, 43, was taken to a Glasgow hospital after the “freak” attack in the Highlands.

The “panicking” beast’s antlers pierced her throat and went through to her spinal column in the incident during the early hours of Monday.

It is feared that if the active and keen outdoors woman, of Roseford Road, Arbury, survives the horrific attack she may be paralysed.

Dr Stone, whose identity has not been officially confirmed, was with a group of friends laughing and chatting outside the home of well-known Highland musician and guitar tutor Jim Hunter, 50, at Lochailort, near Fort William, when the stag burst out of the darkness.

Mr Hunter told the News: “We had been to the pub up the road and were coming back to my house through the gate in the darkness and the big stag must have got trapped in the garden as we have deer fences around it.

“It must have panicked when it saw us and the only way out was through the gate that we were standing at. It just ran at us and went straight through us and its antlers must have caught Kate in the neck.

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Source: Cambridge News

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