Texas to BLM: ‘Prove Your Claim’ – Texas General Land Office Commissioner Jerry Patterson Explains Debated Territory (VIDEO)

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AUSTIN, TEXAS–The State of Texas has a response to the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) claim to ownership of the disputed 90,000 acres of land along the Texas/Oklahoma border – “Prove it.”

Texas General Land Office (GLO) Commissioner Jerry Patterson said the burden of proof is on the BLM to “prove up their claim” on land that Texas private property owners and the State of Texas claim as their own.

“Under virtually all laws, going back to Roman times, when rivers move boundaries change,” Commissioner Patterson explained. “That’s accepted law, no one disputes that.”

In probably the most detailed explanation of this controversial issue, Commissioner Patterson sat down in an exclusive interview with Breitbart Texas to discuss the unique historical and legal perspectives of what is perceived by many as a “land grab” by the federal government.  As commissioner of the GLO, Patterson is the point person for Texas in terms of land issues before the BLM.  Patterson’s representation responsibility includes both private owners and land or mineral interests owned by the State of Texas’ Permanent School Fund.


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Source: Breitbart Texas

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