John Lott: Violence Policy Center ‘cooks the books’ on concealed carry killers (VIDEO)

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Economist and political commentator John Lott has once again been crunching numbers and in an article published this week for the National Review takes a look at how the Violence Policy Center “cooks the books” in an effort to prove the dangerousness of concealed carry permit holders.

While the Violence Policy Center claims to work for “research, investigation, analysis, and advocacy for a safer America,” Lott says that the center’s claim against concealed carry, which is regularly published through a report titled “Concealed Carry Killers,” uses inaccurate information and miscalculated math to arrive with cherry picked statistics.

For example, the latest report indicated that over the last seven years – from May 2007 to March 2014 – concealed carry permit holders, referred to by the center as “concealed carry killers,” have been responsible for the deaths of 636 people. The data is then broken into categories of the type of victim, including private citizens, law enforcement officers, mass shooting victims and those involved in murder-suicides.

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