When You Hear Where a Student Suspended for a BB Gun in His Car Had It Parked, You Might Scratch Your Head

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A student has been suspended from Dubuque Senior High School after police found a BB gun pistol in his car — a car that was parked off campus.

According to a statement released by school district spokesperson Mike Cyze, a parent who noticed the pistol called the school and reported that the student had the BB gun in his car. Police were notified and the car, which was parked off school grounds, was searched. The BB gun was found and confiscated.

Local TV station KWWL covered the story. The reporter asked the district representative why the student was suspended and facing additional disciplinary action even though car was parked off-campus.

Cyze said the student had created a “significant disruption” of the education process. Both the student’s presence in the classroom and the fact that police were on the scene and investigating, based on the administration’s thinking, would prevent the school from doing its job.

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Source: The Blaze

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