Wildlife Officials Attempt to Capture Shark in City Park Pond

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BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. —Wildlife workers are trying to catch a shark in Brevard County, however it’s not in the ocean but in a park pond.

“It’s not often you hear about a shark at a park. I mean, it sounds like a sci-fi movie,” said Billy McDonald.

According to trapper James Dean, he believes someone dumped the 4-foot bull shark into the pond at Gleason Park in Indian Harbour Beach.

The shark is believed to have been in the pond for a month.

“The shark doesn’t belong in this type of water, and we truly believe that somebody did release it in here,” said Dean.

He said it’s not fair to the shark because it can’t get out unless someone catches it, and that is what he plans to do.

On Monday, Dean attempted to catch the shark using chum and mullet but reeled in nine turtles.

“I’ve never dealt with something like this,” Dean said. “It will be difficult and time consuming. We want to get it out of here.”

Indian Harbour Beach City Manager Mark Ryan said the overflow pipes connecting the pond to the river are grated to keep gators out, so it’s unlikely a shark got there on its own.

Dean said sharks can adapt from salt water to fresh water but it is unique for it to do that.

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“It is not a public safety issue as long as the media is putting it out there and people keep their children, their dogs away from the water,” Dean said. “This shark is not going to jump out of the water like an alligator does.”

Dean said he is not sure how long it will take to catch the animal, but once he does, he will drive it to the Indian River and release it.

He was unable to catch the shark Tuesday but said he planned to be back on Wednesday morning.

Residents have nicknamed the elusive shark “Sushi.”

Source: WESH

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