Man drags 4-foot shark back into ocean (VIDEO)

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July 2, 2014
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TORONTO – A fisherman had to wrestle a four foot shark back into the ocean after it got a little too close to beachgoers on a South Carolina beach Friday.

Video of the wrestling match was captured by Stephanie Byrdic of Myrtle Beach. She told WMBF News a man fishing hooked the shark on his line around noon.

“He reeled it in and had to unhook it, but he wasn’t sticking his hand inside [the shark’s] mouth, so he clipped the line,” Byrdic said.

The shark flopped around on the beach after being released from the line, before the man dragged the shark back into the ocean.

Tim Handsel, an expert with Ripley’s Aquarium, identified the shark as a spinner shark, which are common along the Carolina coast.

Byrdic said once the Spinner shark was returned to the ocean people were hesitant to swim again.

Source: Global News

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