Off-duty Dallas cop asked to leave theater after employee spots his handgun (VIDEO)

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One couple’s evening out to the movies ended in frustration after the man, who is a Dallas police officer, was asked to leave the theater because he was carrying a gun.

According to a report by a local Fox affiliate, an employee at the AMC in the Dallas suburb of Mesquite saw the man’s handgun, which was supposed to be concealed, when he leaned over to grab a ticket he had dropped on the floor.

“Mainly what the manager wanted was for my husband to leave unless he decided to relinquish his weapon back to the vehicle,” the man’s wife told reporters.

The man, who due to the nature of his work did not wish to be identified, refused to be unarmed, so the couple just left.

State law allows private businesses to prohibit firearms and other weapons from being brought inside. Businesses which do not wish to allow firearms are required to post a “30.06” sign, clearly showing that firearms are not allowed. Apparently, the theater does have such a sign posted outside. However, active law enforcement are exempt from this law, whether a business has a sign or not.

Nonetheless, the officer’s wife said her husband showed the manager and the security guard his badge and offered to show his law enforcement identification as well, but they weren’t interested in seeing it and only wanted him to leave. However, according to AMC, that’s not exactly what happened, as they outlined in a media statement.

“For the safety of our guests and associates, we do not permit weapons in our theatres. However, we welcome off-duty officers as guests at AMC and they are exempt from this policy with official identification. Based on the information we’ve received, the guest did not show an official department identification card and our theatre team properly enforced this policy. We have reached out to the guests to discuss the situation directly with them.”

There is no word on whether the couple has spoken with AMC directly.

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