Screams, panic caught on video as shark charges at swimmers near beach

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NAVARRE BEACH, FL – A Florida beach cleared out – with the exception of a woman and lifeguard who tried to save her – when a shark was spotted heading straight toward swimmers on Tuesday afternoon.

The panic of the 10-foot shark and people screaming from the pier was caught on tape.

“This just happened off Navarre Beach Pier… 10 ft hammerhead going right at a swimmer and lifeguard…..insane!” wrote Dan Flynn, who posted the video to Facebook.

WEAR-TV reported that a lifeguard was helping a woman when he saw the hammerhead shark heading straight for them.

Slowly, WEAR reported, the lifeguard pulled the woman toward the shore, but he kept his eyes on the shark.

“I never thought I’d be charged by a shark,” the lifeguard told the TV station. “Usually if you are pulling someone who is in water that they can’t swim in you want to swim them straight back in but you don’t want to turn your back on a predator.”


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Accounts vary on how large the shark was – Flynn said 10 feet, but WEAR-TV reported it was just under 7 feet. A helicopter taking photos showed up minutes after the lifeguard and the woman got out of the water, Flynn said.

The shark stuck around after the water cleared and a man named Dan Flynn got more video of the shark as it swam around the pier — and very close to shore.

Source: WCBD

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