Dozens cited for hunting violations; a new app can help

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September 18, 2014
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GRAYSON COUNTY — Dove season is in full swing, starting just two weeks ago, but many people already face heavy fines for not following the law.

Dozens of hunters in Grayson and Fannin counties have been hit with fines up to five hundred dollars for the same few violations.

Game wardens are citing hunters for killing too many doves, you can only bag fifteen a day. Hunting with more shells than allowed and not completing hunters education. Anyone over the age of seventeen born after September 2, 1971 must complete the course. It costs fifteen dollars and can be taken online. Wardens say ignorance is not an excuse, although laws vary by county.

“Educate yourself,” said Shane Bailey, Texas Game Warden. “Ninety-eight percent of the hunters and fisherman that we run into are doing the right thing. It’s just that small number that either don’t have the education, or they’re actually trying to break the law, and catch too many fish or kill too many deer.”

The laws are the same for all private and public lands, because, as wardens say, the animals belong to the people of Texas, and they do have jurisdiction on private property.

New this year is the Texas parks and Wildlife smart phone app, called Outdoor Annual. It has all the rules listed for you by county, including when each season starts. It also has a map of public hunting lands.

Source: KTEN

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