Family spots alligator at Bryan Beach in Freeport (VIDEO)

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July 22, 2015
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FREEPORT, Texas – 

A family’s first trip to Bryan Beach on Saturday was cut short after an alligator was spotted in the surf. They caught the unusual sighting on camera and posted the video to YouTube.

Viewer Ray McGee and his family were standing in calf-high water and said he was about 40 yards away from the 8.5-foot reptile when he shot the video.

His son saw it from the shore and yelled, “Get out of the water” and ran down the beach to tell others. McGee said people were calling his son a hero for warning everyone about the alligator.

While Texas Parks and Wildlife is aware of the gator, beachgoers we talked to Monday had no idea it had been spotted there.

“I think it’s kind of dangerous for the kids and for us too, you know,” Robert Cortez said.

No sightings were reported Monday.

Experts said it’s not uncommon for larger alligators along the coast to go into the surf, especially after big flooding events. They do it in order to wash away parasites from their hide. They don’t stay long, due to the heat and salinity of the water.

“It doesn’t bother me. I’ll just keep a close watch… make sure nothing comes his way,” Tom Parson said.

Game wardens said unless the gator becomes a threat or a nuisance, they recommend beachgoers just leave it alone and don’t attempt to feed it.


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