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October 17, 2017
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October 23, 2017

Since I started the Youth Marksmanship Camp program I’ve sought out the best gear for everyone to use, we have had great results with what we have chosen and I know you will as well.

Volquartsen I-Fluted Rifles

The exact same rifle as I used on Top Shot to cut cotton swabs in half and hit golf balls at 100 yards. These high-end, top notch .22LR are the finest rimfire rifles you will ever have the privilege of firing. Most all campers go home bragging about hitting .68 caliber paintballs with these rifles from 50 yards.

Meopta Sport Optics

All magnified optics from the camp were supplied by Meopta.  They are high-quality Czechoslovakian made scopes with excellent clarity.  The M&P 15-22 rifles have the lower powered illuminated reticles and the Volquartsens have 50 yard parallax rimfire 3-9×40 scopes.×22-rd/meotac-1-4×22-rd-true-1x-mag/ctgRus.html×40-r-m/3-9×40-r-m/ctgRus.html

Volquartsen Scorpion

We use the Volquartsen Scorpion .22LR for the teen 3 Gun stage.  Incredibly smooth shooting and accurate pistol.

Suppressed TTI Benelli M2

We use my Benelli M2 12 gauge upgraded by Taran Tactical Innovations: and suppressed with the SilencerCo Salvo: 


Bowers USS Suppressors

All our rifles are suppressed by the Bowers USS 22 or Paradigm hybrid suppressors.  They are designed for hard use and are also extremely quiet:

Suppressed Henry Frontier Rifles

Another camp favorite are the super accurate and quiet Henry Lever action rifles.  The Frontier versions are threaded and ready for suppressor use:  along with this speed loader.

Savage Rascal Youth .22LR

I highly recommend the Savage Rascals as a youth starter rifle.  The Accu-Trigger and easy to manipulate bolt are easy and safe for kids to begin their firearms training.  They are also plenty accurate:

Savage Mark IG

Very similar to the Savage Rascal is its full length big brother just lacking the peep sights.

S&W M&P 15-22

I found the S&W M&P 15-22 to be the most reliable .22LR AR and easiest to teach from.  While I don’t find it the most accurate, it’s adequate enough.

Ruger 10/22

You can’t have a complete Marksmanship Camp program if you ignore Ruger’s classic 10/22.  Ours boast of a few Volquartsen parts to increase reliability: and were threaded by Bullworx in Amarillo to keep them quiet:

CCI Standard Velocity 40 Grain .22LR

Our ammo choice is CCI Standard.  It fires subsonic in our rifles and they allow us a discounted rate each year:

Elzetta Design Lights

Constructed from billet aluminum, boasting of modular bodies, lenses, and switches along with potted electronics makes Elzetta design one of the toughest lights on the planet.  I even threw one from 300’ out of a helicopter onto concrete to prove it:

Steel Target Paint covers great! Doesn’t clog, is waterbed so it’s easy on your skin, and it’s well priced! Use “TOPSHOTDUSTIN10” for 10% off at

Diana Classic 240 Break Pump pellet rifles are reliable with a great trigger

Diana Classic 240 rifles:


Roland Recurve Bows

We use the 12 pound Roland Recurve bows for the kids, 20 pounds for the adults:

Chief AJ Quick Point Slingshots

As also featured on Top Shot, we use the “Chief AJ Quick Point” slingshot:

Cold Steel Tomahawk, Knife, Throwing Star, and Shovel

Cold Steel carries quality throwing equipment.  We use the Norse Tomahawk, Special Forces Throwing Shovel, Sure Balance Thrower, and Sure Strike Medium throwing stars:

Cold Steel Big Bore Blowgun

Cold Steel offers impressive .625 caliber Big Bore Blowguns,

Bamboo Darts

Broadhead Darts

Razor Broadhead Hunting Darts

X-Products Can Cannon

X-Products offers a very unique AR15 upper that will launch a soda can 200 yards using .223 blanks as power.

Challenge Bullseye Target

Everyone’s favorite precision target.  Send a bullet through the 0.9” hole to swing the paddle to the other side.


White Lightning

After testing 5 different exploding target manufacturers, we found Tannerite’s “White Lightning” to be the most reliable rimfire detonating targets, even with subsonic .22LR.  Best price on Natchez:


Clay Clips

Clay Clips allow you to easily hang clay pigeon targets on your range:

The Olight PL-Mini2 boasts of 600 Lumens in a small rechargeable package

We use the Olight PL-Mini2 Valkyrie light on the camp’s zipline paintball marker and light on the SIRT:


Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger pistol by NLT is an excellent dry fire training aid.

Barrett 50BMG with Detroit Subsonic Ammo

Of course, we can’t leave out the Barrett M99 50BMG.  We use speciality light loads by Detroit Ammunition Company:


Birchwood Casey Bushwacker Target

We found the Bushwacker Targets to be fun and reactive:

Savage Mark II FVSR

The tack driving Savage Mark II FVSR topped with the Meopta 1-4xZD scopes:


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