How to Bait Deer (Legally) On Public Land

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October 2, 2018
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Doe harvest regulations are radically different in East Texas than they are in South and Central Texas. It always pays to know the regulations.

Public Land “Baiting”

Baiting deer on public land in most states is illegal.

That means putting out a corn feeder or a pile of corn or other grain will get you in trouble with game wardens, most likely resulting in a hefty fine.

But there are ways to go around deer’s natural urges to lure them into shooting range even on public land’s with the strictest anti-baiting regulations. Here are three ways to lure deer without luring in wardens and breaking laws.

  1. Consider Synthetics:  A number of companies on the market produce scents that very close mock natural food sources. In states where bating deer is legal all-around using a scent that smells close to the type of acorn in your area could bring in deer. In states like Texas where baiting is not only legal but the way deer are typically hunted using a corn smelling attractant could produce big dividends. Wild game Innovations makes a product called Cornfused Deer Attract that is advertised as legal in all 50 states.
  2. Sex Sells: Nothing sells like sex and that goes for whitetails as well. Investing in high quality scents like Tink’s #69 Doe In Rut can help make the difference. Check the regulations in the area you hunt but this is legal in most locations and if you can coincide use of sex scents with rutting periods your chances of success will skyrocket. The fact is bucks eat little during peak rut so baiting this way might work better than grain anyway.
  3. Soundwaves: In states like Texas the use of mouth-blown and electronic calls are legal or whitetail. Check the regulations in your area but using calls especially during the rutting season can be effective. In states where corn feeders are legal a call that mimics a feeder going off can be seriously effective especially when matched with a corn mimicking scent.

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