Never ignore roseau cane

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August 6, 2011
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August 19, 2011

Along the Gulf Coast, anglers frequently miss out on some of the most consistent action by ignoring roseau cane.

It is the type of cane that is most common south of the Interstate 10 corridor and that is commonly used as material for camouflaging duck blinds. If you look closely at the photo included with this entry you will see the roots of a piece of roseau cane. On high tides, small baitfish like menhaden, glass minnows, mud minnows and shrimp get inside to hide from predators.

On the first hour or so of falling tides, flounder fishing around the stands can be incredible. Redfish and trout also feed around the stands as do largemouth bass. In brackish areas bass will get inside the cane on high tides and in fact, when fishing the Louisiana Delta many of the pros fishing the Bassmaster Classic targeted cane stands around Venice, La.

Start fishing the cane. You will not be disappointed.

Chester Moore

The root system of roseau cane is intricate and it can be a real magnet for baitfish on high tides.


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