Tips for schooling reds

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August 7, 2012
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August 9, 2012

During hot, calm days, redfish begin to school up and offer up a feeding frenzy.

When bays experience the mid-day ‘slick-offs’, reds bunch up in the middle of the bays and start chasing around menhaden. Sometimes you see them feeding on the surface and then sometimes you will just see a hint of bronze below the surface. Either way, approach these reds cautiously.

Avoid using the big motor as much as possible and use the trolling motor to approach or try to catch a drift that will allow you to follow the school. Use 1/2-ounce gold spoons for the best results because you can cast them long distances and the redfish love them.

If you are fishing with a partner and get hooked up, keep your redfish in the water a few extra seconds and have them try to pick up its buddies. Schooling reds will often follow their buddies to the boat.

Chester Moore

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