Top 5 baits for big bass

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September 18, 2012
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Since there is $100,000 at stake for huge largemouth bass on Lake Conroe, I thought I would give what I consider to be the top five most productive big bass baits out there. Notice I did not say lures necessarily.

Many Sharelunker bass have come on live bait and often in pursuit of crappie, some just by live bait specialist. Here are the top five I would consider using. By the way, I did not see any provisions in the announced contest against live bait but if you pay the $100 to join you may see a more detailed list of rules.

1. Live Perch: Big bass love perch. Really love them. A live perch fished on a free-line rig floated over deep cover has potential to draw in monsters.

2. Jigs: Lure fishermen catch lots of huge bass on jigs and almost all serious bass fishermen I know say jigs are definitely the all around best lure for beastly bass.

3. Black Salties: These commercially available baitfish are simply awesome for bass. I have used them a lot in highly pressured ponds I fish and saw incredible results.

4. Swimbaits: Swimbaits take awhile to get used to fishing but they will put big bass in the boat. And for lunker hunting the bigger the better. Go gawdy.

5. Huge shiners: Big shiners are amazing for bass and although rarely used in Texas are a standard in Florida where trophy bass fishing was invented.


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