Coyotes can be trained to fear humans

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December 31, 2013
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Coyotes are always testing the humans around them, experts say.

The small canine is testing humans when they wander into someone’s yard. They’re testing them when they nibble on pet food on a porch. They’re testing them when they see a human let a cat or dog out unattended.


“If they come to eat the fruit on the ground and nothing happens, the next time they might come onto the porch and eat the pet food, and nothing happens,” said Lynsey Dasher, director of the U.S. Humane Society’s wildlife conflict resolution department.

Coyotes are not a danger to humans, including small children, and they will keep away from humans if humans teach coyotes to be scared of them, according to Dasher, who gave a joint presentation with the city of Austin Dec. 19 at the Austin City Hall.

Every time anyone sees a coyote, they should wave their arms and be noisy to chase the coyote away, Dasher said. She also encourages people to charge at coyotes. Don’t stop reacting to the coyote until it is gone.

This will teach coyotes to be afraid of humans and reduce the chances of coyotes encroaching in areas where humans are, she said. Coyote families typically learn from this behavior after witnessing it two to three times.

Yelling at a coyote from inside a car or house or behind something is not effective, she said.

“No one, including the police, are going to haze a coyote for you,” Dasher said. “You’re going to have to do it yourself.”

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Source: Austin American-Statesman

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