Ohio 7-year-old reels in ancient fish in first ever catch

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May 30, 2014
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PERRY TWP., Ohio – Tip Pullin considers his jaunts to Sippo Lake an opportunity; not just to relax at his favorite pastime–fishing–but also as the perfect chance to teach younger generations that angling for native Ohio fish is every bit more fun than a video game.

Pullin’s goddaughter Hajile Danzy is his latest protégé.

“Today, see, I’m trying to teach her how to use an open-face reel,” said Pullin.

But it was a closed-reel Saturday that Hajile cast after just a click of the button that her newly found skill produced something special on her hook. One that only a 7-year-old’s luck could.

“I told her to watch it, the bobber went down. She reeled it in. She had a monster,” said Pullin.

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Source: ABC 10 News

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