Glock Single Stack 9mm Coming This Year? The Top Glock Salesman in the US Says…(VIDEO)

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The Glock 42 is a cool little gun. It’s the smallest Glock to date and the first non .45 caliber Glock to use a single stack magazine (Glock 36). Due to the slightly larger frame and higher weight compared to most .380′s out there, the recoil is virtually non-existent.

Come on though, we all know we want that gun in 9mm, not .380. It’s been thought that Glock would surely follow up the release of the Glock 42 with the release of a similarly sized firearm in 9mm.

However, we’ve gotten virtually nothing from Glock on the matter yet. I tried to get some info from the Glock reps at SHOT Show earlier this year, but they were tight lipped.

Now, it seems we might be getting just a glimmer of hope that this unicorn of a gun might be released within this calendar year.

The owners of The GlockStore, Lenny and Tammy Magill, gave Ben Philippi an interview recently, and in the video Lenny says that,

I do hear that Glock will be coming out with a 9mm single stack this year, so that’s going to be some nice news to see.

Lenny, whose store sells more Glocks in the United States than any other retailer may have some inside knowledge about a confirmed launch date. Many of us suspected that Glock might hold off until SHOT Show 2015, where a single stack 9mm would likely generate a lot of hype. However, if Lenny is right, we could see that elusive single stack 9mm even sooner.


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