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June 20, 2018
shark fishing

Mako Shark: Get Ready to Rumble

Catching mako shark is no simple task. These pelagic predators live in deep water and are relatively rare – in fact, NOAA recently placed “emergency regulations” on mako, extending the minimum size limit to 83 inches. […]
April 21, 2015

Shark Fishing From Your Boat

You say you want to go shark fishing from your boat? Me, too. But shark fishing most certainly opens up a whole new realm of dangers—even when you’re only catching little guys. Here are a few […]
September 24, 2012

New Recall for boat/trailer package from Marine Tracker

I promised that I would keep you appraised of any recalls that might affect your truck, trailer or boat, and this week a new one was issued.  It is not for a large-scale problem but, if you […]