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April 30, 2014

Why “Smart Guns” won’t transform firearms industry

Another company wants to manufacture a “smart gun” that can be fired only by an authorized user. Another company will fail. Why? Two reasons: The influential National Rifle Association sees smart guns as a step toward […]
February 25, 2014

Push for “smart guns” continues

Smart guns similar to James Bond’s pistol are marching closer to reality as manufacturers expect to continue testing prototypes throughout 2014 and a few politicians push for new technology to make firearms safer. Manufacturers design “smart” […]
February 20, 2014

Dem. bill would require all new guns to be “personalized”

Sen. Edward Markey has unveiled a gun control bill he says will help reduce firearm violence by requiring all new guns be “personalized” with special features, such as fingerprint-reading technology, so they can only be fired […]
February 18, 2014

Is the Iphone of guns here?

A dream of gun-control advocates for decades, the Armatix iP1 is the country’s first smart gun. Its introduction is seen as a landmark in efforts to reduce gun violence, suicides and accidental shootings. Proponents compare smart […]
January 28, 2014

Silicon Valley promoting “smart” guns

Gun violence in the US is an all too common occurrence. Almost every day, there’s a new school shooting or a report of someone’s kid getting shot accidentally. Could technology come to the rescue? A group […]
December 15, 2013

Americans oppose idea of “smart guns”

By a wide majority, Americans are skeptical of the reliability of technology intended to prevent all but authorized users of a firearm from being able to fire it. They also say overwhelmingly that they would not […]