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July 29, 2017

Coyote attacks increasing in Texas and beyond! (Video)

Coyote attacks both on domestic animals and humans are on the rise. This video shows a surveillance camera coyote attack on a small dog in a parking lot. Experts say that attacks on domestic animals always […]
December 31, 2013

Coyotes can be trained to fear humans

Coyotes are always testing the humans around them, experts say. The small canine is testing humans when they wander into someone’s yard. They’re testing them when they nibble on pet food on a porch. They’re testing […]
December 1, 2013

Padre Island woman confronted by coyotes

She was confronted by a pack of coyotes during a morning jog on Padre Island, just off of Whitecap, over the weekend. Now, she is speaking out about her close encounter. At first, Amanda Stoner had […]