Hog hype crosses the line
Wild hogs are potentially dangerous creatures. They are unpredictable, large and yes they injure people every year. However, the hype from a recent group of television programs focusing on feral hogs is way overdone. One program recently featured a lady who had hogs coming up to her yard and... Read more
Snakes, shrews and sloths! (video)
Source:: Kingdom Zoo Read more
Tiger Island Sanctuaries?
In the Jan. 5 entry, we discussed radical option for saving tigers. What is happening now is not working so it is time to shoot for the stars and see what happens when it comes to this great cat. One of the solutions I posted was tiger island sanctuaries.... Read more
Reptile Show Comes to Conroe This Weekend
CONROE, TX, January 24th – 25th 2015 – Soon to be the largest reptile show in Texas! Come join us for the first annual HERP Show in North Houston. Browse hundreds of vendor tables that will include thousands of reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates, feeders, and other exotic pets. There will... Read more
It’s the little things…
Kingdom Zoo field researcher Todd Jurasek has a knack for finding things in the field that no one else tends to see. He recently sent us these photos of a baby ornate box turtle he found in the wilds Oklahoma. It’s easy to get caught up looking for the... Read more
Dreaming Big (and wild!)
Dreams. They are a flash of inspiration that fuels us to do great things, hope in trying times and a way God plants in us seeds of greatness. Unfortunately many from a young age are told their dreams will never come true. Think about your early childhood for just... Read more
Don’t shoot that bear!
In 2007 I developed a black bear conservation through Texas Fish & Game magazine where we created educational posters sent out as a .pdf and printed and put throughout East Texas where the species is returning The idea was to let hunters in Texas know black bears are A.... Read more
Vulture Eggs

Vulture Eggs

Kingdom Zoo January 7, 2015

Kingdom Zoo field researcher Todd Jurasek sent in these interesting photos of black vulture eggs he found while conducting a wildlife survey in his home state of Oklahoma. These vultures often next on the ground in the open and these were found in a rocky crevice area but essentially... Read more