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September 8, 2017

Tech Tip: How to load an arrow

Loading an arrow properly is essential to make a clean, ethical shot on a game animal. Check out this video to see how it is done-right.
September 8, 2017

Tech Tip: De-cocking a crossbow

De-cocking a crossbow can be intimidating if you have never seen it done properly. Check out this important tech tip from Excalibur to see it done […]
September 8, 2017

Early season snacks: Where to find whitetails in crossbow season

If you want to be successful hunting whitetails with a crossbow during the archery-only season gaining a broad knowledge of their natural food habitats is important […]
September 8, 2017

Crossbow hunting legalities and practicalities

Hunting in Texas is an interesting place. While deer and hog populations are sky high, waterfowl habitat in much of the state has decline causing smaller […]
September 5, 2017

The Ideal Concealed Carry Pistol (3)

I have mentioned previously that I don’t trust mechanical devices to operate properly 100 percent of the time—forever. That’s one of the reasons I prefer an […]
September 4, 2017

The Ideal Concealed Carry Pistol (2)

Last week, we explored how weather (or more precisely, climate) impacts your choice of what sidearm you’ll carry concealed and how you’ll carry it. Now, let’s […]
September 3, 2017

Alligator garfish found in Asia!?

In one of the strangest wildlife stories to come along in a long time, an alligator garfish has been caught in Myanmar (Burma) in Southeast Asia. […]
August 31, 2017

Is a ban on lead shot for dove coming?

Is a ban on lead shot for dove hunting on the horizon? And if they do how does steel shot and other nontoxic shot compare in […]
August 31, 2017

Tx game animal smarter than a whitetail?

There is an animal roaming freely in the wilds of Texas than is harder to hunt than a mature whitetail deer. In fact, this animal may […]
August 29, 2017

Does knocking or stopping power exist?

We have all heard the terms stopping power or knockdown power.  These terms are normally used when people are debating 9mm Vs .40 Vs .45 Acp.  […]
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