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How to Throw Knives [VIDEO]

How to Throw Knives [VIDEO]

Earlier we covered throwing tomahawks, and even special forces shovels.  And now here is how I teach the kids at camp how to throw knives:…

The Desert Tactical MDR isn't expected to hit market for another year.  But I'm really hoping to see a sweet suppressor platform here.  These were so prototype the stocks were 3D printed.

SHOT Show Finds

These are a few of the unique finds of the day.  AR stocks that hold extra mags, as well as ones that hold a pistol….

Kalashnikov USA introducing their 3 Gun Shotgun.

SHOT Show Updates

Integrated suppressed shotguns, a LaRue Tactical precision bolt action rifle, CZ Scorpion, and more.

Do Steel Targets Ricochet? [VIDEO]

Do Steel Targets Ricochet? [VIDEO]

Steel is one of my favorite targets.  But you do have to use the correct type of armored steel like this Ready Ship Target from…

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Full Auto 9mm M16 Brass Chunker! [VIDEO]

Playing around with a pre86, registered (infringement), fully automatic M16 lower this weekend joined with a mostly X-Products 9mm upper we captured this awesome footage of…


Lionheart LH9 Pistol

The Lionheart LH9 pistol is another best kept good gun secret.  In fact I think it’s a pretty great pistol.  It’s very solid, well built,…